Guided bike tours of Paris

Paris en Seine A unique spectacle is waiting for you! Everyday at 10am

During this guided bike tour you will discover Paris along the river Seine, classified by the UNESCO as world cultural heritage since 1991.

Bike Tour along the Seine River

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Paris bike

What better way to visit the most beautiful city in the world than by bicycle? That’s
exactly what Paris Bike Tour offers you.

While in the heart of the city allow yourself to take in all the charms of Paris as you enjoy a bike
tour led by fully licensed French guides. Through a variety of tours (classic, customised or walking), Paris Bike Tour knows how to please tourists from all over the world by knowing how to match culture with entertainment and friendliness.

When travel and consuming are intertwined with being sensitive to the environment, our
exceptional tour guides will help you discover an ecologically responsible way to explore Paris – off the beaten path.

Paris Bike Tour
Discover Paris by bike
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« Wow what a fabulous way to see so much, learn so much and enjoy. Great value for the amount of Paris we got experience. We strongly recommend this tour company and their guides. Thank you so much for a wonderful day. »

Guided bike tours of Paris

Guided bike Paris

You want to discover hidden treasures of Paris that are inaccessible by bus or car?
Discover Paris of the true Parisians, hidden gardens, amazing architecture and the vibrance of an overlooked by most tourists.


Events companies by bicycle

A friendly way of getting together, sharing a smile or two and having fun doing something original...
Paris Bike Tour is the place to relax with your co-workers or your guests on an easy-going tour of Paris either by bicycle or on foot.

Bike + Market Tour with food Tasting

Bike tour and Museum with guide

Discover the Paris that only a Parisian could know. From the Place de la Bastille to the Quais de Seine. Enjoy a food tasting at the Aligre market - the most Parisian of markets, where you can taste all the high-quality produce of the region…

Paris rent a bike

Bike rental Paris

You can rent your bike with all necessary equipment at our agency in the heart of Paris.
And if you don't want to waste time during your stay, we can deliver and pick up the bike to and from the comfort of your home.

Bike tour - Museum with guide

Bike tour and Museum with guide

Free yourself of transport hassles and discover Paris and its monuments with a professional guide:
Example: “Paris – a journey through time”
We start with a guided visit of the Carnavalet Museum, - the most Parisian of Paris' museums - to discover afterwards the historic city centre by bike

Classic walks of Paris

historic Paris

Enjoy a walking tour of Paris and discover the City of Light’s rich history and culture with a professional guide:

- Le Marais "from the past until now"
- The elegance of Paris "The elegance of Paris"
- City Islands "birthplace of Paris"
- Montmartre "from Mercury god to Van Gogh"

A visit in Paris - of course – but why a guided tour? A guide – yes – but which one?

If you visit a monument or a historic part of the city on your own, you won’t leave empty handed. But you’re going to miss too many stories; for example, who lived there and what did they experience.

And too often you might get lost – especially in the Louvre or the Père Lachaise cemetery.

That’s why it’s a good idea to take a guided tour. But be careful, too many people give the impression of being guides without being professional licensed tour guides.

A licensed guide undergoes a minimum of two years of university level training in order to allow you to fully profit from your visit through the sharing of their experience and knowledge.

To add to that, your guide also adapts the tour to what you know and what your expectations are while always being ready to answer questions. Our guided tours are all exclusively lead by professional licensed guides.


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